This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He's the founder of <a href="">Wedding Intro</a> which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.
I am 6 foot and 4 inches tall. I weigh about 240 pounds. Which for comparison puts me about the average height and weight of an NFL linebacker. I know this because one time I got to stand on the sidelines of an NFL game when the players ran onto the field. I'm telling you this. Because trying to squeeze this body into an economy class seat on an airplane is always an adventure. And sleep almost impossible. But why am I sharing this in a wedding blog? Because you know what's worse? Most women's shoes. They are uncomfortable in many situations as women try to wear shoes that look good. In particular on their wedding day. And can provide disasters in a beach wedding. So in this article, I'm going to provide some tips on how to choose the best shoes for a beach wedding.

The first option is the obvious option. So going to get all the way. You could go naked. That is naked feet. Barefoot. This is the simplest option but not everyone likes to walk barefoot. Or have their toes sink into the sand while getting married. Just keep in mind that if you do go barefoot, that you address that doesn't drag. You don't want to dress to get dirty. And it will probably be more fun if you can highlight the fact that you are in fact barefoot. But let's look at other shoe options. Starting with a shoe you shouldn't wear.

Avoid Stilletos
Don't wear stilettos. Yes, they make you look hot. And wearing a pair is probably how you got in the notice you the first time. And you probably will want to wear a pair that night in the bedroom. But they simply won't work on the beach. They won't hold up. They will be uncomfortable. And you could easily hurt herself. So save them for the next day's dinner. And instead, wear something more sensible.

Sandals And Platforms 
Sandals and platform shoes make for great beachwear. They are easy to slip on and off. They can still look nice. And they will still be comfortable. While being sturdy enough to wear on the sand. Just make sure the shoes are not only easy to put on and stand on in the sand but are also water resistant. Remember you are on the beach so there's a good chance they will get wet. So this is another way to keep a low budget on your shoes for a beach wedding.

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